Domorn is a nation in the Slirasian dimension. It is located quite far away from many other countries. The official language is Domorni and the capital is located at Djet-Kar.

Domorn was home to one of the first incidents of interdimensional transport, approximately 1,000 years ago, onto Domorn. These people were from a variety of areas, but generally Eastern Europe, Israel, West Asia, and northern India.


Religion is central to Domorni life, similarly to many other nations in the Slirasian dimension. The Domorni gods, however, are seen as more 'down-to-earth' than gods in other nations, and therefore are often thought of as incarnate.


Domorn is an oligarchy. The Saikariki (aka, to English speakers, The Party of Those Who Have Power) is the innermost party and wields most of the power over the country. Outer parties such as the Kenriki (The Party of Citizens Who Wish To Gain Access) are forced to obey the Saikariki's needs at all times.


Domorn is generally very mountainous. The Kanlayas are the highest mountains of Domorn and are largely an uninhabited region.

The nation is divided into three regions: the Coastal Region, the Central Region, and the Northern Region.